Integrative Therapy
for Mental Health

The Monarch Center is an integrative practice that focuses on mental wellness for adults, teens, and children. We offer a variety of services including a range of psychotherapy options and psychiatry.
We believe everyone has the capacity to live a life free from suffering. That’s why we have developed an integrative approach to treatment to get you back to living life to the fullest

PLEASE NOTE: Our Rock Road Location has CLOSED. All providers are now at our College Hill Location.

Life Worth

Relief from suffering is closer than you think.

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Do you feel rushed and invalidated by your current providers?

The Monarch Center offers a nonjudgmental approach to the treatment of mental health and chronic health conditions. This means we spend time with you to fully understand your experience. You won’t be rushed or invalidated. We believe you are the expert on your life and we provide many traditional and alternative options to help you find the best solutions for your unique circumstances.

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Our Providers

We are not a traditional mental health clinic because we believe in treating a person as a whole, not just parts. We pursue mental wellness in a mindful way and provide treatment based on proven research.

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Holistic healthcare

backed by research and experience.

We like to think of it as whole-istic healthcare because we treat the body and the mind.

We provide our patients with personalized health treatment plans based on their needs.

Your journey to whole person wellness starts right here at The Monarch Center.

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